Walls Within Life Coaching Services 

Johnedra Walls, better known as Coach Jo to those how are familiar with the certified life coach, is the owner of Walls Within Life Coaching Services. Coach Jo provides services with the goal of assisting clients in making better choices and improving relationships, both personally and professionally. From providing guidance and confidence to offering solutions in achieving better work-life balance, Coach Jo’s proven methodology and techniques assist her clients in finding purpose and eliminating barriers to their success. By offering a fresh and informed perspective on the day-to-day obstacles and challenges her clients face, she provides motivation and support in areas her clients need to focus on. 


What can a Life Coach do? 

  • Assist you in building a happier, more meaningful life
  • Provide techniques in stress and anxiety reduction
  • Improving communication skills
  • Identify passions and ideal career paths
  • Assist in goal attainment                                                                                        

More About Coach Jo-

Born out of her passion for mentoring and ministry, Coach Jo has developed and used her gifts to assist others after she experienced molestation, domestic violence, and homelessness in her own life. ‘Sometimes we are in a place and we are lost. We are confused. It’s dark and we can’t find our way out.’ Through healing and deliverance from past pain, Coach Jo has been able to be a testimony and help others through their trials. Walls Within Life Coaching offers free 30-minute consultations as well as virtual, phone and group sessions. Contact Coach Jo for more information of speaking engagements at local churches, community centers or other local groups.

Contact Coach Jo at 832-352-5959 and let her help you get back to you!