Learning to embrace wellness: Applying holistic self-care practices with The Nurse Doc is Zen™

There are numerous practices you can learn that will go a long way to improve the way you care for yourself. These practices integrate self-healing and self-awareness into your life based on holistic practices like energy therapies, body-mind practices, self-assessment, bio-therapies, good nutrition, and exercise.

To effectively approach self-care, you’ll need to learn how to uniquely develop your psychological-social-cultural self, mental, and physical body. Life constantly throws its weight around and we absorb the aftereffects without even realizing it. Absorbing negative energy and stress in our daily encounters takes a toll on our physical and mental health. These lifelong experiences, if not released properly, can lead to a break down in both our physical and mental health. Developing an understanding of self, throughout your life journey, will help you know what works best for you.

With proper knowledge of self, development of authentic skills of introspection and deep reflection, can flow with your body’s natural energy.

To truly live, you need to make holistic self-care practices a lifestyle which facilitates continuous healing and achievement of both physiological and psychological balance/harmony. You’ll learn your internal strengths and limitations while learning how to completely free yourself from negative stressors, negative attitudes, and self-destructive behaviors. With a consistent practice of good self-care activities, you learn how to easily move forward after dealing with challenges. You will also acquire a skillset which empowers you to manage emotional and physical stressors within home and work environments

Why you need a Self-care practice

  • Boost Your Productivity

Often people don’t consider common stressors as having essential impact on their productivity Since they are functional, living in a state of high stress is accepted as the norm. Although the impact of being in constant hypervigilance might not appear immediately evident, there is a substantial influence on our daily lives and health.

How we interact with people, our attitude towards life, energy levels, mental, and physical health can all be hindered by negative external factors. Learning how to apply impactful self-care practices will greatly improve your outlook on work, how you relate with people, your mental health, which can significantly boost your productivity

  • Improve Immunity

Most self-care practices activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Activation of the PNS returns the body to a state of homeostasis, regulating the “rest and digest” functions. Simply put, this unlocks your body systems allowing it to transit into a restful, rejuvenating mode. This state of homeostasis fortifies the immune system. Depending on the source, it is believed that 70% to 80% of our immune system is located our gut. Having a strong immune system, improves our susceptibility to diseases.

  • Optimize Your Physical Health

Consistent self-care improves the overall wellbeing of your physical body. As you learn to replace unhealthy habits with healthier choices, having a commitment to moving your body empowers you with an improved metabolism, increased joint flexibility and muscle tone

  • Self-Knowledge, Self-Love, and Self-Esteem

Gaining knowledge of self allows you to explore the depths of your being Making conscious efforts to improve your wellness, sends positive messages to your subconscious. You’ll learn how to cease negative self-talk by training your inner voice to speak positivity and truth to dispute the inner critic.

Embracing positivity as part of our being empowered, allows us to build versions of ourselves with higher self-esteem and greater self-love.

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